07/16/2018 / By Vicki Batts

When someone you care about is admitted to a hospital, it’s natural to assume they’ll be cared for — but


07/15/2018 / By Isabelle Z.

Are women’s fears of breast cancer driving them to get unnecessary, dangerous treatments like chemotherapy and mastectomies? A pair of


07/15/2018 / By Zoey Sky

Thanks to the Daily Mail‘s efforts, the U.K. government has launched an urgent review into the growing crisis of prescription


07/13/2018 / By Ethan Huff

Another state-sanctioned kidnapping of a child has taken place in the “land of the free.” A Maryland couple recently had


07/12/2018 / By Russel Davis

Undergoing hip steroid injection treatment may do more harm than good in patients with osteoarthritis (OA), recent research shows. A team


07/12/2018 / By Russel Davis

A recent study published in the journal Age and Aging has revealed that seniors and pensioners across the U.K. are being


07/11/2018 / By Lance D Johnson

Young, healthy women who experience amenorrhea, ovarian failure, and infertility have likely been damaged by Merck’s HPV vaccine. A new study published


07/11/2018 / By Rhonda Johansson

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, hath had


07/09/2018 / By Vicki Batts

Vaccine dogma is everywhere, from the mainstream media to conventional healthcare practitioners – and its even present at a government


07/07/2018 / By S.D. Wells

Autism is on the rise and the statistics are skyrocketing. Back in 1990, less than 30 years ago, studies reveal


07/02/2018 / By S.D. Wells

Labeled a “vaccine skeptic” for abiding by the code of ethics written by the American Medical Association regarding “informed consent,”


07/02/2018 / By S.D. Wells

The Supreme Court recently ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and for good reason. Thousands of children are being compensated


07/01/2018 / By Vicki Batts

Parents want to do what’s best for their children, especially when it comes to their health. For many, that means


07/01/2018 / By Vicki Batts

The Left often paints abortion as an easy thing for women to go through, but the truth is that it


06/29/2018 / By Mike Adams

President Trump is draining the “medical swamp.” The U.S. health care system is plagued by rampant fraud, abuse and profiteering


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